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BARABAR at the European Academy for Youth Work, Slovenia, 01.06.2022

Collect your most unusual ideas plus a huge dose of imagination and you are ready to jump into the battle for the future of the Earth!

BARABAR description

BARABAR is a card game that combines cooperative and competitive moments while telling stories. The game contains 15 challenges, 5 clans with 15 heroes each and 14 X-Factor cards that add extra suspense to the fight against the end of the world. Participants learn details about the achievements and projects of the members of the various clans and seek synergy among themselves to solve significant problems of our time. BARABAR teaches tolerance and promotes awareness of serious ethical dilemmas, including censorship and restriction of freedom of expression, genocide, global drought and famine, the place and role of women in science, sustainable development and environmental protection.

BARABAR is played by a minimum of 2 people up to a group of 6-8 players. The recommended minimum age is 10 years, but with the help of a friend to read the cards and explain some of the more complex terms, the game also works well with daring world saviors aged 6-8. A challenge is completed in an average of 20 minutes when playing with 4 players. The variety of characters across the five clans allows the same challenge to be replayed over and over again, each time with new characters and their super powers.

BARABAR successfully complements the learning process in disciplines such as Man and Nature, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Philosophy, English Language, Civic Education for students aged 10+. The game is currently available in Bulgarian, English, German and Dutch.