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Barabar card game

Play with the most colorful minds of the past and present and save the world

Learning through play

As you save the world from an apocalypse, you learn the stories of remarkable individuals.

Encourages creativity

Your imagination and ingenuity are key to overcoming challenges.

Fun flashes

Each game is a different fun adventure with unexpected participants and their super powers.

Our story

How and why did we create BARABAR?

What does the name of the game mean?

Just a game or something more?

BARABAR in Action

“BARABAR develops numerous skills using a variety of inspirational personalities in the classroom.”

Ivan, teacher from Bulgaria

“BARABAR fosters young people’s creativity which is really important nowadays.”

Kamile, teacher from Lithuania

“There is the option to run three campaigns so if you don’t like the story, you can create your own and inspire others to follow.”

Milan, youth worker from Serbia